Forethought Life Burial and Funeral PlanningForethought Life: Burial Insurance and Funeral Planning

Forethought Life includes these supplemental benefits at no additional cost


Accidental Death Benefits:

  • If death occurs from a covered accident the death benefit will be double

Accelerated Death Benefit:

  • Provides 97% of the base policy face amount payout in the event of a life expectancy of 6 months or less

Grandchildren’s Benefit:

  • Provides coverage for eligible grandchildren

The Forethought Life Difference

Every Agent, his family, and all Forethought Life Insurance Company policyholders receive access to the following services absolutely free!

  • ForeHelp- Unlimited funeral planning, end-of-life assistance, grief counseling and support services from on staff professionals
  • Forethought Funeral Planning Network – Access to over 5,000 local and national end of life professionals committed to helping families at their time of need. (the largest end of life assistance network in the US)
  • Forefamilies- Upon death of the insured, FORETHOUGHT will pay the beneficiary(s) the full policy amount within 48 hours on average (some restrictions apply). Most insurance companies take 2-6 weeks to pay the life insurance claim, meaning families must pay for funeral, burial services, and other end-of-life expenses with their own funds in hopes of receiving timely reimbursement

Forethought Life Insurance Company has enhanced the benefits in the highly successful Forelife Burial Insurance Plans. The new version offers enhanced benefits that are sure to make your future clients very happy.

Forethought has helped more than two million seniors and their families with life insurance, end-of-life planning and assistance, and now they have a product for you!

  • Largest writer of preneed life insurance in the US
  • AM Best Rated A- (Excellent)
  • Extremely competitive commissions (First Year and Renewal)
  • Daily commissions to entire field
  • 9 month advance on new business
  • Immediate vesting
  • Free, unlimited access to the ForeHelp Family Advisor Team (assistance to families before, during, and after their time of need)

Agent Support

  • Staff conversion unit to improve policy persistency
  • Agent recognition program-outbound thank you and performance based awards
  • Easiest company to do business with:
    • Up tp 9 months advanced commissions on first year premium
    • Excellent / level commissions years 2-10
    • Commissions paid and deposited daily including uplines
    • Telephonic underwriting at the point of sale/same day policy issue
    • Guaranteed issue -3 options – (level pay, graded pay, or single pay)
    • Agent licensing completed within 48 hours
    • Agent appointment fees paid with submission of first issued policy
    • High quality marketing materials including ForeHelp magnets (great lead tool!)

Historical Facts

  • Largest writer of preneed in the US
  • Most recognizable name in the preneed space for more than 22 years
  • Largest network of funeral homes, cemeteries, and end of life facilities in the US. Over 5,000 participating partners in the Forethought Funeral Planning Network
  • Roots can be traced to Batesville Casket Company

Here are links to forms you will want to have:

**These forms may be state specific – forms used on here are OHIO**

Make sure to check with your upline for any additional details.


Instructions For Forethought Life Contracting

  • Print the Forethought Life Contract (Click Here to Download Forethought Contract)
  • Complete and Sign the Contract
  • Print and Sign the Forethought Life Commission Chart (Click Here to Download Forethought Commission Chart)
  • Attach a Photocopy of your State Insurance License
  • Fax or Mail to: (be sure to include all licensing documents)
      • Fax : (937) 898-3048 – Attention Barb
      • Mail to:

    Complete Solutions Inc.
    75 North Dixie Drive
    Vandalia, Ohio 45377

  • Once we receive your application we will have it processed immediately and a new agent kit will be sent to you
  • Once you receive your agent number you may begin selling!
  • If you have any Questions about Forethought Life feel free to call us at 1 (866) 866-7951


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